Senzke, Havelland Annual living room concert at Franco´s cottage:

Kugelbahn, Wedding „It was tight in there and it would get so loud with Franco on drums and Brett hitting those bass strings“, recalls Oatley Tab’s guitarist Ruedi Schalla.“I remember one timeThird Uncle were playing, it was probably „Dining Room“because that was pretty much the flag-waiver“. En masse, people started to put their hands up to the ceiling and the hole place jumped up + down. It was like those holy-roller meetings. It was unbelievable.“

Fellow Third Uncle devotees Sally and Moritz have a matching recollection.

Cafe Swing, Nollendorfplatz „There were night that we would see them at Cafe Swing on the weekend and Oh they’d make every West-Berliner proud. The Cafe said they close at 3 and at 2:30 in the morning, one Saturday night the band was just coming on stage so they made an announcement that they were going to lock the door. They stopped serving drinks, those that wanted to leave could leave, and those that wanted to stay… nobody left.The Place was packed. And man, they played until 4 in the morning. It was like being in church.Third Uncle brought something which raised pop music from secular music to a religious and also political world music.“