The evolution of contemporary guitar pop has brought to theforefront three main types of artists. There are the primitives who have fashioned out of a relatively limited technique somespecial idiomatic approach. (the punk pioneers come readily to mind). Second, there are the sophisticates, well equipped academically, men whose performances are beyond technical reproach at times an emotional element may be lacking.
The third category comprises those bands who are able to bring to their work the passion of the first group along with musicianly values of the second. Among them Third Uncle has always ranked high on the roster.
It sounds old fashioned, but bands like Third Uncle are needed more than ever in times like these, when the guitar itself is less and less respected as an instrument, when virtuosity is so rarely recognized as a virtue necessary to every great performance, and when small electronic keyboards are so often employed as a substitute for the genuine article.
Krischan Hartje is one of the most guitaristic of guitarists. He plays a cheap Asian made black Playmate guitar for most of the recordings and extracts from it sounds that reflect not only the majesty of the instrument but his love for it and the perennial dedication to it that has marked his distinguished career.
Brett Wilmersdorf, aside from his technique, he has unusual flexibility and everything he plays shows a keen intelligence at work.
What is to say about Franco Glasing? He molds what’s happening to fit what the soloist is doing. And always, no matter how many polyrhythms are in the air Franco Glasing’s time at the bottom stays groovy.

Transcription Radio 2, Prague  Interview with Pawel Gott. 2017

Given the kind of music Hartje plays and sings – flowing, modally-oriented, rhythmically complex – he could hardly have chosen a more appropriate rhythm section. Glasing and Wilmersdorf are remarkably and understandably adept in the comping style which pits on independent melodic + harmonic counterpoints against a soaring solo line.

Worldwide Music Taste Newsletter, London, 2016