In these recordings Hartje and his colleagues have a long history as a unit in the city of Berlin. Franco Glasing, the key initial shaper of modern wave drumming has been an expatriate in Berlin since 1981, Brett Wilmersdorf is one of the most respected bassists in Berlin and has worked with a wide range of bands. In 1988 they formed the trio, Third Uncle.The recordings therefore are not a date with a pick-up rhythm section. Krischan Hartje is heard herein the context of a rhythm team which long ago learned to fuse each of its elementsinto a flowing unified whole.

Recording Mastermind Christian Mevs notes that „Hartje has always emphasized beat and melodic development in his playing.Now, however there is increased, irrepressible confidence and more venturesome and diversified use of distortion, digital delay and a little bit of chorus as expressive devices.Furthermore Third Uncle set up and sustain a momentum in a performance that is fiercely, contagiously exiting and a pleasure to record.“